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Title Author Date Ordered Supplier Collection Reserves Status
12 before 13 Greenwald, Lisa 2018/10/19 LSC-TEST JF
12 rules for life Peterson, Jordan 2018/10/18 LSC-TEST ANF
13-minute murder Patterson, James 2018/11/29 ULS AAB
13th boy Lee,SangEun 2018/08/08 LSC-TEST YA w
15 minute STEM Hunt, Emily 2018/07/17 LSC-TEST ANF
18th abduction Patterson, James ULS ALP
50 magnificent women who changed the world Bond, Shelley 2018/11/27 ULS JGN
9 from the nine worlds Riordan, Rick 2018/10/19 ULS JF
90 minutes in heaven 2018/11/06 LSC-TEST ADV
Abandoned Gear, W. Michael 2018/07/19 Baker & Taylor AF 1
Action comics #1000 Bendis, Brian 2018/11/16 ULS YGN
Adamantium agenda, vol. 1 Soule, Charles 2018/11/27 ULS JGN
Addison Cooke and the tomb of the Khan Stokes, Jonathan 2018/10/19 ULS JPB
Addison Cooke and the treasure of the Incas Stokes, Jonathan 2018/10/19 ULS JPB
Adrift 2018/10/18 LSC-TEST ADV
Adventure time : beginning of the end Ward, Pendleton 2018/11/26 ULS JGN
Adventure time comics, vol. 6 Ward, Pendleton 2018/11/26 ULS JGN
Adventures of Caveboy Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta ULS JGN
Age of fire O'Sullivan, Ryan 2018/11/27 ULS JGN
Age of the amulet Hamilton, Ashley 2018/07/17 LSC-TEST JF