Lloydminster Public Library Facility Code of Conduct


The following rules are set in place to protect the right of library patrons to enjoy a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment conducive to the use of library resources and services.


We ask all patrons to be respectful of each other and behave in a manner that does not disrupt other patrons or staff. Library staff will make every effort to apply these rules in a fair, dignified and positive manner for the benefit of all.


Behavior that interferes with the rights of others includes, but is not limited to:

1. Any activity in violation of federal or provincial law, municipal by-law or library policy;

2. Behavior or language that is disruptive, abusive, insulting, harassing, profane or threatening to library patrons or staff

3. Leaving persons who require supervision unattended

4. Sleeping

5. Unreasonable noise including: loud talking, singing, rude sounds, boisterous activity or playing audio equipment so that others can hear it particularly in areas designated for quiet study

6. Using or bringing in alcohol or illegal substances, smoking or using tobacco products including snuff and chewing tobacco, rolling cigarettes, displaying tobacco products or using electronic cigarettes.

7. Abusing or vandalizing library facilities or equipment or disarranging library furnishings or materials

8. Monopolizing/obstructing space, seating, tables, computer workstations or equipment to the exclusion of others

9. Refusal to leave at closing time or when otherwise requested by library staff

10. Entering into staff or other non-public areas without permission

11. Use of sports equipment (including roller blades, skateboards, wheeled shoes and scooters) on library premises

12. Posting notices, distributing circulars or petitions, soliciting or engaging in any commercial activity on library premises

13. Photographing, filming, video or audio recording on library property without prior approval of the library and consent of persons being filmed or recorded

14. Failure to wear proper attire including shoes while in the library

15. Failure to remove excessively dirty or wet footwear and/or outerwear prior to using library facilities

16. Failing to provide their library card or government issued identification upon request of staff.

Members of the public must open all bags books and papers for inspection when requested by staff if the security alarm is activated on exit.

Members of the public must uncover their faces when requested by staff for the purpose of confirming identity in order to use library services (i.e. sign up for Internet or Wi-Fi passes, register for a library card).

With the exception of registered service animals, no animals are permitted in the library without the prior permission of the Librarian.

Food is not permitted in public areas of the library without prior permission of the library. Covered beverage containers may be brought into the library but must not be taken into the areas of the computer workstations, microfilm or copy machines.


Consequences of policy violation


Any person found violating any of these rules will be asked to cease their behavior with the warning that failure to do so will result in being asked to leave for the remainder of the business day.


A repeat violator who commits multiple violations during the same calendar year may be barred from entering the library temporarily, first for a week, then for a month. Continued violations may result in a permanent ban as decided by the Board.


Failure to leave if asked may result in the Police being called.


Bans in excess of 30 days can be appealed in writing to the Library Board who will consider the appeal at their next meeting. The decision of the Library Board shall be final.


Approved by the Lloydminster Public Library Board
September 26, 2013